Nirantara Foundation

Nirantara Foundation is a Trust registered under Indian Trust’s Act of 1956. The Trust was incorporated in May 2008 at Bidar, Karnataka with Niranjan Sheelvant as its Founder and Managing Trustee and Laxmi Mugali as a Trustee. She is also School Coordinator of HoneyBees Public School. The prime objective of Nirantara Foundation is – “To establish formal and informal teaching and learning centers such as pre-schools, schools, colleges, academies and other educational institutions at all levels and to impart general, vocational, technical and professional education.”


Nirantara Infratech Private Limited

Nirantara Infratech Private Limited was registered in March 2017 under the Indian Companies Act of 2013. The present directors of the company are Niranjan Sheelavant & Laxmi Mugali.

The key objectives of the company are

  • To acquire assets such as land & building for the purpose of education and to procure investments for the purpose of creating infrastructure for the purpose of education
  • To support the process of education and skill development, provide practical and research-based educational training and capacity building for people & institutions involved in imparting education.

The Infinity School

The love of what I am doing excludes everything else. And that very love is the highest form of excellence. If the educator can convey this feeling, not to the 300 students but to the 10 who he feels can do something, they will excel – without competing, without saying “I must beat the record”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

The transformational journey of HoneyBees through the last one-decade has strengthened and emboldened us to look at some very critical questions in the realm of 21st century education.

  • What constitutes an effective and powerful learning experience in the 21st century?
  • How do we best prepare young people for a future that is hard to imagine?
  • How do we teach for the kind of deep understanding that requires learners to solve complex problems?

Infinity School is an extension of this transformational journey. The primary section (classes 1 to 6) will henceforth be known as Infinity School and continue to nurture curious minds to explore infinite possibilities open to them as they pave their own authentic and adventurous paths towards their best lives and the common good of humanity. Infinity School provides the best possible education till class 12

Academic Excellence and All-Round Development of the child are the hallmarks of Infinity School.

  • Cognitive Development – learning, understanding, problem solving, reasoning and memory skills enhanced through various activities.
  • Physical Development – Through sports such as athletics, field games, chess, etc.
  • Academic or Intellectual Development – Development of language skills, mathematical skills, scientific skills, analytical skills, etc.
  • Creative Development – Developing artistic skill like dance, musical instrumental or vocal (Western or Classical), drama, photography, drawing/painting, sculpture, etc.
  • Social & Emotional Development – Building positive relationships with family, friends and teachers, interpersonal communication, leadership and problem-solving skills, handling peer pressure, cross cultural learning etc.

Infinity School will be located at a new campus being set up on 8-acre land on the outskirts of Bidar. The campus would be eco-friendly and have top class facilities for academic and extracurricular activities.


Infinity Teacher Training Academy

The proposed Infinity Teacher Training Academy will meet the growing demand of qualified teachers in Bidar. The Academy will host different types teacher training programs ranging from full-fledged course, short term training diploma and staggered programs for ongoing education. All types of courses would endeavor to develop skills and knowledge to

  • Adopt successful and evidence-based pedagogical approach
  • Effectively use modern and classroom targeted technologies
  • Skillfully manage student behavior
  • Adopt a professional conduct, positive attitude, build integrity and ethics
  • Teach students with physical disabilities or special learning needs
  • Map Curriculum and integrate it with lesson planning
  • Formulate social and emotional support strategies for children and parents